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" - Helping you choose the right online pharmacy with the best generic drugs and medications at the lowest prices"

There are hundreds of generic pharmacies online to choose from but unfortunately not all are reputable. Our mission is to weed out the “black listed” pharmacies and create a list of the Top Ten most highly rated pharmacies. This was accomplished by collecting, evaluating, and analyzing enormous amounts of data from reputable online pharmacy review agencies. Ongoing reviews are performed to determine that the generic pharmacy listed is living up to their reputation and is worthy of a spot on our Top Ten list.

In order for a generic pharmacy to make it on our Top Ten list they must be recommended by at least two reputable pharmacy review agencies and have a history of low prices, quality products, and excellent customer service. Once listed a detailed review is performed showing important information such as general overview, special offers and discounts, free shipping, availability of free medical consultations, generic drugs sold, and customer feedback.

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