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(Click on above URL, prices will be reduced by 15%) is an online pharmacy dedicated to providing affordable generic medications to people around the world. One of the most reliable online pharmacies on the web that offers quality generic medications that meet the highest WHO (World Health Organization) standards. Since 2002 has been dedicated to providing affordable service, and has globally over 250,000 satisfied returning customers.
Special Offers: Up to 80% savings on approved pharmaceutical products. Returning customers enjoy further 10% discount and many other benefits.
Delivery: Delivery is worldwide and free. Since the pharmaceuticals suppliers of are located in India, the shipment may take up to 7-21 days
Location: India
Contact Info: Live support available, toll free access in both the UK and US.
Payments Methods: VISA, JCB, Wire Transfer, ACH
Medical Consultations: Usually prescriptions are not required. Medical consultation is online and free. If necessary patients can communicate with their doctor online using a secure e-mail.

Men's Health: Cialis, Cialis Soft Tabs, Levitra, Propecia, Viagra ,Viagra Soft Tabs
Kamagra Oral Jelly, ED Trial Packs
Weight Loss: Acomplia, Alli, Xenical, Acai, Hoodia, Cloud Nine Hoodia, Mega Hoodia
Cholesterol: Lipitor, Zocor
Pain Relief: Voltaren
Quit smoking: Zyban, Norvac,Prevacid, Prilosec, Zantac
Antibiotics: Amoxil, Ampicillin, Bactrim, Baycip -TZ, Cipro, Flagyl, Zithromax
Skin Care: Accutane, Diflucan, Fosamax, Nizoral, Valtrex
Birth Control: Norplant

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

From our research Generics-Pharmacy has been receiving some very positive feedback over the past year and, consequently, deserve a place in our top ten list. Below are samples of customer feedback from different sources.

Anna, Washington, DC
I will definitely use this website again. They did a great job sending email updates on the status of my order and they were accurate with the shipment information. The cost were cheap in comparison to similar websites (free shipping is an added plus). I can vouch that the quality was the same.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

David, NY, NY
Promptly delivered, I enjoyed my product in 7 days from the day of purchase, the guys were very serious and I would gladly recommend them!
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

I ordered Generic viagra for a friend of mine. The product was of very good quality and the price was the best I could find, I received the product quicker than I thought. Thanks!!!
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

ChrisT, Aussie
Nice selection, purchased Generic Cialis and to my surprise it arrived quicker than i expected + 4 bonus pills that wasn't mentioned on their site, nice job guys !
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Adam, California, US
Hello, Just wanted to praise Generic Pharmacy. I have used them twice and both times received what I ordered with no problems. My orders took around 14 days to arrive.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by Bruce H
I was hesitant at first but placed my order for generic Cialis. Communication was very good throughout the whole process and the order arrived in approximately 10 days. I am very pleased with the product, it is every bit as effective as the brand name. I will definitely be ordering from them again.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by Glen Quadmire
After doing some home work to ensure I was about to deal with a reputable outfit, I was very glad with the level of service, and the quality of the product I had ordered. Glad to say I will be doing business with them again and referring them to friends.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by YB
Put in my order on 5/30. It shipped on 6/3 and received it today 6/23. 14 business days as their website indicated. Will order again!
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written By Josh A
I was skeptical and worry in using this site. I had never tried anything like this before and anything coming international worries me. I live in LA, ordered the Cialis 20mg equivalent (Tadalafil Tablets), and received the shipment exactly 9 days after placing my online order. All the pills were there, I signed for it from my postman, and didn't have one issue or problem. Kudos. Definitely getting future orders from me and referrals. Easier than dealing w/ ebay for sure...
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by dw
Placed my order on 5/7/09 and got it today on 5/21/09. Two weeks delivery is not too shabby! I will definitely be buying from this company again.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by georg
Will definetly buy more from this site, ordered 30 kamagra jellys, got them 14 days later ( as promised 14-21 days) real happy :)
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by Randall
Don't hesitate to order from this online pharmacy...they do everything in their power to make sure your order is completed to the customers complete satisfaction...very reliable and honest!
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by td
I got exactly what i ordered. It did almost take a month from the date of order to get (Texas) but it is what I wanted. Can not complain and will be making a second order in the next few days.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by Lucas B.
I can see why this pharmacy has been placed top of the listings. I've ordered from it a few times and have been consistently pleased with the outcome. It takes a couple of weeks to get your meds (I'm in Florida), but the shipping's free so who am I to complain about that. You just have to plan ahead so you don't run out. They keep you well informed by email during the delivery but don't spam you afterwards (OK so I did get one 'newsletter' email offering me a discount but since I unsubscribed nothing else). All good.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by vek
This was my first foray into ordering medications (generic Lavitra) online. I ordered from this site because of the positive reviews I read here. I am very satisfied with my purchase. My order was shipped out about 2 days after ordering and I recieved it 13 days later. Btw, I gave the stuff a test drive recently and can happily report A+ results. It seems to work identical to the brand name product. The price was 12 - 20mg pills (10 + two free) for 70 bucks - waaay cheaper than the brand name drug. Email updates all through the order/shipping process were reassuring to this skeptical American. Very satisfied
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by Tvanny
I was very skeptical, this being my first online pharmacy order. I just didn't feel like paying $15-$20 for one Cialis tablet. So I put in a small order for Tadalafil Soft Tabs to test the waters. Seventeen business days (Mon-Fri) later, I received my order. Nice blister pack from Cipla Inc., with batch number, expiration date, etc... I'm very happy. And the product, well what can I say but...BOING! Overall a very positive experience. Addendum to my 3 March review. Submitted by the reviewer on March 5th On my review from 3 Mar, I said the Soft Tabs came from Cipla. They actually came from Aurochem. Just wanted to clear that up. The first dose I took seem to work fine, the next time didn't work so well. Maybe I have to adjust my doseage. We'll see...
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

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